Planet Mark

Creating the most sustainable dashboard possible, a place where members can access a vast number of social assets to tell their customers& community about their journey to Net Zero.

Reducing carbon wherever possible

We opted to build the members dashboard in a way that is consistent with Planet Mark’s commitment to reducing carbon wherever possible. This was achieved through a combination of careful upfront design decisions and a codingphilosophy that is committed to achieving thesmallest digital footprint possible.

The members area is one of the first interactions with Planet Mark as a paid up member. It was therefore crucial we delivered an experience that accurately represents the company and is genuinely useful and inline with expectations of a modern company.
Along with designing & building the members dashboard, we also designed the social assets available for download on the dashboard. Once you become a Planet Mark member, you have access to these and they are there to encourage you to tell your customers about your journey to Net Zero and celebrate any landmarks reached.