Sail Boat Project

The Sail Boat Project is a not-for-profit organisation, collectively owned and run by a group of experienced sailors. Their mission is to make the sea accessible to all.

The sea, for all

Working with people and groups from all walks of life, Sail Boat Project offer a range of activities based around sailing. Whether Community Sailing, Charter & Team Sailing, Sailing Courses, or Sailing Trips, the overall aim of Sail Boat Project is to give people the opportunity to experience the extraordinary benefits of learning to sail the seas.

Now in their tenth year, Sail Boat Project wanted a new identity, one that would serve their ambitions for the next decade. A new logo, typographic style, colour palette, tone of voice & art direction approach was all brought together, both bringing it in line with their plans for the future and helping properly clarify the charity's offering. The sea, for all.