The Good Florist

The Good Florist provides bespoke wedding and event flowers across Devon and Cornwall. Specialising in locally grown, foraged, natural and wild flowers.

We have designed a visual identity for The Good Florist to coincide with the launch of new Career Change courses. We illustrated a Japanese Anemone seed head, a flower found growing around The Good Florist's studio as the brand symbol alongside beautiful, non-geometric typography for the word mark.

Further illustrations continue this natural aesthetic throughout.

Illustrations by Florence Mein

"I'm super proud of my new brand and it was such a worthwhile investment. Quite soon after using the templates, I was able to see that clients responded positively which lead to bookings. This absolutely sounds like I'm making it up, but I'm not! I definitely saw a great response.

The branding will happily take me into the next three, five or ten years! It's got longevity! The process was super smooth and it was great to work alongside someone with such a great design eye. Thank you again!"

The Good Florist Founder, Roberta Emmott