Think Pipeline

Think Pipeline are an agile lead generation business, who exist to genuinely accelerate your growth.

Working with a brand strategy put together by Within People we worked on a rebrand that would elevate and reflect Think Pipelines new purpose and values.

Working in a service industry, it is often difficult to visually represent their offering, which had previously ended up with generic, stock imagery of offices and people with headsets. Our solution was to create a modern and refined identity, using shapes and colours that can be moved and rearranged, representing Think Pipelines different offerings and styles. The new colour palette is clean, fresh and vibrant making sure Think Pipeline stands out amongst it's competitors as different to traditional pipeline generation companies.
As a core part of the identity, the shapes used were 3D printed and photographed in compositions to reflect different services, along with some more abstract imagery to be used across their social media. The shapes were carefully planned, compositions sketched and brilliantly photographed by Veega Studio.